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Hi, I’m Tabitha, a software engineer. Join me as I navigate the tech industry. Thanks for visiting!

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What’s Next?

What happens after Outreachy? Where do I want my career to go? Which kind of roles am I open to? Do I have the skills required for these roles? Do I have particular organisations I’m interested in? My internship will end in about a month, and these are some of the questions that I’ve beenContinue reading “What’s Next?”

Journey So Far

Thank you for joining me today. If this is your first time on this blog, welcome, and if you’ve been here before, welcome back. You are why I write, and so I’m thankful for you. For today’s post, I’ll be writing about the first half of my Outreachy internship with OpenStack. It will be aContinue reading “Journey So Far”

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Hi, I’m Tabitha. I’m a software engineer, an Open Source contributor, and an active learner. I get excited by everything computing be it cloud, distributed, or heterogeneous and I love FPGAs. In my free time, I’m either reading a novel, bingeing on a series, listening to music or writing about me!

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